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Your law firm has a website. You could have spent thousands of dollars only at that point using a website developer who told you that they would do lawyer search engine optimization but what the meant was that they would make it more search engine friendly, and that your site would show up on the first page of Google. They said it might take time, but almost a year after youve found no improvement. At this time, you can just find your law firms website in Google should you type in your law firms name.


Search engine optimization, also called Search Engine Optimization, is not a button which you can turn on to magically get your law firm website to appear in the very first page of Google for the practice area, although plenty of companies offering law firm Search Engine Optimization services claim to have cracked the code.


Ok, so what does law firm Search Engine Optimization actually entail?


Search Engine Optimization is exactly the same for attorneys and law firms as it’s for restaurants, novels, dentists, and everything else. In this informative article, were going to go over many of these tactics that you could employ all on your own to help boost your law firm websites visibility. The ending goal with Search Engine Optimization would be to get your law firm website to show up on the first page, and as the very first result, for specific key words that the prospective customers are typing in to Google. What do I mean by key words? For example, while you’d believe the terms Houston bankruptcy attorney and Houston bankruptcy law company should come up together with the identical precise search results, they dont. This is due to the fact that the law firms that seem have SEOd their websites more efficiently for one key word on the other.


No. Should you search to your law firms practice area and your city in Google (e.g. Houston bankruptcy law business), youll see several shaded box areas with advertisements, and then the typical search engine results.


Organic search results appear as a result entirely of search engine optimization. You cant buy your method to appearing first in Googles organic search engine results. Nevertheless, you can purchase the right path to appearing first in one of the shaded advertisement boxes that appear in your display. On top of your display in your internet search engine results (provided youre not using an ad blocker), in addition to the proper column of your results page, you may notice links to other websites. The websites that appear here are paid advertisements. For law firms that arent appearing as well in Google using conventional Search Engine Optimization tactics will get the visibility they desire by registering for Google Adwords, creating an advertisement, and paying Google each time someone clicks on their advertisements.


Youll see several advertisements from law firms that are paying over $2.75 per user click to get traffic to their law firm website. If this isnt your budget (and its not for most law firms), your best alternative, using a greater return on investment, will be focusing on search engine optimization.


This is really a brand new one for 2013. With Googles recent algorithm upgrade, Google said that with the growing web traffic coming from mobile devices like cellphones and tablet computers (estimates put mobile device-based web traffic as 40% of the worlds web traffic), Google will penalize websites that do not have mobile-friendly websites. Take a look at your law firm website in your preferred web browser. Now make the browser window much smaller. In case your site is cellular-optimized, your entire websites contents should fit on the display without needing to scroll horizontally to see the left and right sides of your pages. You should be able to simply scroll down to see all your website content. This may also apply if your device is seen in a tablet computer or cellular phone browser. Should you need to scroll left or right to see everything in your page, its not cellular-optimized.


So how will you get a mobile-optimized website? When they use WordPress as the content management system for your own website (and they should), your web site can certainly be made cellular-ready inexpensively. Should they say itll cost a fortune, you may want to get a brand new website designer for your own law firm.


Concentrate on specific key words, but dont overdo it


It was previously that you might have a page filled entirely with key words like bankruptcy, bankruptcy attorney, bankruptcy law business, and Google would promote your website to the top. Not anymore. Googles algorithm is very smart. It could tell if you’re keyword-stuffing, in other words, fitting every important key word on your pages over and over again to make an effort to game Google. This hasnt worked for several years now. But, that doesnt mean your website shouldnt include important key words. If youre a Houston bankruptcy law business, your website ought to have a tagline reading A Houston bankruptcy law business and on that page you could have several paragraphs telling visitors about your practice, using the key word Houston bankruptcy law company many times through the entire webpage. Nevertheless, one caveat is that your language shouldnt appear affected. If youre merely saying Houston bankruptcy law company over and over again, no one will read your page.


Websites like Avvo and Manta may be great places to record your law firm. One easy approach to ensure that your law firm website is recorded in all applicable directories is to go to Getlisted. Getlisted is a totally free site that shows you in which directories your law firm website is and isnt recorded.


Lawyers frequently despise the idea of blogging. Its time consuming and do not have any notion what to write about. But, composing blog entries and using your important key words in these blog entries, is a guaranteed way to obtain more traffic. No one may desire to read about your law firms bankruptcy practice only yet, but they undoubtedly need extra information on the best way to file for bankruptcy. Write several educational posts pertinent to your practice, see as they create more traffic for your internet site, watching your websites ranking improve.


Hopefully these few suggestions can help you begin on a path to take over your practice places search results.


For more tips on professional search engine optimization check out our free ebook on search engine optimization for attorneys and see our Slideshare on the best way to boost your law firms web presence.


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